Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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We cannot stress how impressive Bruno Mars is. We can go on and on about the things that made us go wow. But we’ve decided to list the three that stood out on the Grammy winner’s return to the Philippines. Or should we say, on his return roots.

And we begin with his voice.

Bruno Mars is probably one of the most vocally impressive artists alive! With golden pipes that deliver flawless technique hit after hit after hit. Audience cannot simply get enough of his audible prowess. May it be his pop-driven, “Marry You” or heart-wrenching “When I Was You Man” or even covers of “Ignition” and “Love You Down”, the Grammy winner proves exactly why he is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Second, Bruno Mars doesn’t get tired. With moves akin to an amalgam of James Brown, MJ and Elvis, the hitmaker and his band shimmied, swayed and gyrated through-out the 90 minute show. And not once have they showed signs of exhaustion. His fun-loving energy was in full-force especially in tracks such as “Treasure”, “Runaway Baby” and “Locked Out of Heaven” which included a drum solo from Mars. And this energy easily shifts into a sexy kind of groove with some of his slower jams like “Our First Time” and “Show Me”.

And lastly, we love how it was a family affair. With the arena packed with all kinds of people. But it’s very notable to see kids with their parents, brothers with their cousins, or even sisters together – Bruno Mars proved to be the catalyst to these connections. Much like an ultrafast internet such as fibr - his music seamlessly made everyone come together. And we’re pretty sure by the end of the concert, people still relayed stories to each other of how the show went and how the show meant to them. Why wouldn’t they? The strongest connections are at home, after all.

With this we openly rejoice upon his return. Welcome back, Bruno Mars. Welcome back home.


The Moonshine Jungle Tour: Bruno Mars Live In Manila 2014 
March 22, 2014 | MOA Arena
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