Thursday, April 24, 2014

An All-New Quad Core Telpad From PLDT Home

During the Bruno Mars concert, we kept seeing these Telpad ads all over the venue hence we got a little curious. What is this PLDT Telpad.
And finally we found out more about it.

Telpad is the only online landline from the innovative thinkers at PLDT HOME. It recently received an upgrade when it was announced that it will now be equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor.

Along with a marked ramp-up in speed, the Quad Core also provides the tablet firepower to handle multiple tasks at once, better graphics and enhanced functionality for the latest apps; giving way to an enriched multimedia and overall user experience.

The new Telpad units will run on the Android 4.1.2 Jellybean operating system. This platform allows applications for WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY – the three new content pillars of the Quad Core Telpad.

These applications offer updated content, such as a wide array of songs from Spinnr. Imagine the huge music library it can carry? You can stream your favorite music conveniently with the device.

Also, the hottest video games from EA Games, new blockbusters from Clickplay, the latest news and information from News5 Everywhere, and fresh additions to Filipino soaps, Asianovelas, and Tagalized animes on MyPinoyTV.  It was also announced that more content will soon be introduced on the Telpad. Around the corner are educational applications, digital newspapers, magazines and textbooks, and more applications for entertainment. Also on the horizon is the adoption to the Telpad of an updated heyƜ, PLDT’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service app that is set to introduce new features soon.

Also part of this upgrade is having Team Kramer as an ambassador.

For more information on the Quad Core Telpad and its current plans, visit

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