Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G-FORCE PROJECT: Full Force in 2014

Great dancers and choreographers offer us celestial visions and perspectives.

G-Force’s Georcelle Dapat-Sy, a dance icon and artistic director of the country’s top dance act had proven and continues to prove that adamant moves on stage can break barriers and burst effusive fierceness.

For nine successful years, G-Force has been apportioning their followers a different kind of genius with pizzazz that the group can only give. The group had successfully aligned themselves with the biggest names in the industry making their grandstanding mark on the dance department. Having astonishingly graced ABS-CBN’s longest noontime variety show ASAP and other groundbreaking multi-platform appearances, G-Force went out of the tube to mount amazing breakthroughs and avenues – reaching diverse audience from numerous touch points.

In 2008, G-Force started calling out for its series of dance workshops for the G-Force Project. G-Force Project is the group’s brainchild offering dance classes of different genres and spearheaded by homegrown choreographers. The dance workshop accommodates students from three years old and up. “I would always go back to the group’s core, on why we are doing the G-Force Project. Our students look up to us. They don’t only want to become G-Force but to build their individualities as aspiring dancers and choreographers as well. We want the G-Force in-house teachers to personally guide them, we want to share the gift of dance,” said Teacher Georcelle.

Tagged as the dance workshop with the biggest recital in Philippine history, G-Force Project’s recitals take place at the end of the workshop and intermittently staged at well-known grand venues such as the Araneta Coliseum.
G-Force Project, now on its seventh year is back and dressed up with more exciting add-ons to their class line-up. The “#WhiteShirtLove” and “Me and My Little Force” are set to gracefully accentuate this year’s grandest dance gathering.

Compared to previous workshops and recitals, G-Force Project 2014 is really special because for the first time - one of the classes will be handled by Teacher Georcelle. Over the years, TG, what others would love to call her - has been giving her choreographers the freehand to manage the dance workshop’s classes.
This time Teacher Georcelle is about to excite more dance junkies via sexy dance class #WhiteShirtLove. The fitness-designed class will be open for girls and girls at heart. Teacher Georcelle originally conceptualized White Shirt Love as a class intended for mothers.

“Originally, the title of the class was Foxy Moms. But since it’s no longer just for moms anymore, I want women and everyone in this class to feel comfortable with themselves - with their bodies regardless of their shapes and sizes. I want to introduce this class here in the Philippines as a fitness program that would make them feel empowered. #WhiteShirtLove is actually a good workout - a program that could help enhance one’s body sculpture. This class would help my students achieve trimmed bellies, toned legs, arms, buttocks and other areas that they want to improve on. A perfect program that would definitely boost their confidence,” Teacher Georcelle added.

Kids and their guardians will be featured in Me and My Little Force, the other special add-on this year. The special class will showcase three to five years old kids and their parents, guardians, older relatives or even their yayas (baby-sitters) sharing cute routines that are especially designed by the G-Force teachers for them.
Other all-time favorite G-Force classes like K-Pop, Burlesque, Hip-Hop, Smooth Hip-Hop, 2-Werk, Jazz Funk, Zumba, Lyrical Hip-Hop and Kid’s Class will still be offered in the upcoming G-Force Project on March 31 to April 12, 2014 (Batch 1) and May 10 to May 29, 2014 (Batch 2). Recital will be on May 29, 2014 for the second time at the Araneta Coliseum.

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