Wednesday, April 2, 2014

// T H E 1 9 7 5 I N M A N I L A //

Words by Kix Suarez
Cover Photo by Kris Rocha
Body Photos by Karen De La Fuente

From playing in basements, garages and dive bars in Manchester to now having the whole world as a stage; The fine lads of The 1975 did not know what to expect as they found their way inching their way through Manila’s hustle and bustle.

What began as a high school remedy to boredom now drew in thousands of fans to the Ayala Mall’s Market Market, Glorrieta, Fairview Terraces and Trinoma shows and a special meet and greet appearance at Ayala Alabang. They started the band just wanting to play music and not necessarily thinking it would reach the other side of the small world they’ve been living in for years.

The band was overwhelmed with the outpour of love and support they received from their Filipino fans. Being the only stop for the boys in Asia for this month, and being the third Asian country they visited (after Japan and Hong Kong for Clockenflap), their Manila fan base was all out in welcoming Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel, and Ross MacDonald. The band graced the Philippines with their catchy tunes and mischievous charm and put on 4 crazily packed shows and a meet and greet.

Not in a million years did their fans think that The 1975 live in Manila could actually be realizable. But it did happen. It was real. The boys were braving the heat of summer in Manila. They played songs from their number one album to the amusement of thousands of screaming girls and avid music enthusiasts as well.

Fans went completely mental. At even just the sight of any member of the band to even just tech testing equipment on stage, the fans went ballistic. Even the mere mention of their names of the band sent shivers down their fans’ spines. The dream of seeing them live was upon them. From being just tracks fans played on to now, being able to see them play in the flesh has truly blown the minds of not just Filipino fans but the band as well.

As the band would take the stage, it was very apparent in their faces how amazed they were by the turn out for each gig. It seemed that the crowd only got bigger from venue to venue with some fans going to more than just one show. They were literally following the band’s every move. As George puts it, ‘It was some One Directions level!’

The band opened each set with The City. It seemed that it was a standard opening track being one of the more constant things they do live anywhere in the world. To this the crowd sang every lyric and rhyme. They danced and from time to time pinched themselves to check if this great gig was really happening, if this was real. The second song they played was Milk: A hidden track on the album which stands out because of its more punk infused riffs and chorus. Shortly after M.O.N.E.Y., Talk!, the Michael Jackson-esque Settle Down, John Hughes inspired love song Heart Out, Pressure and the prom worthy slow dance track You were all played.

A pleasant surprise to their avid fans was their performance of #Menswear - A minimalist synth laden track that is quite reminiscent of The Streets. Girls quickly followed and transitioned to something slow and painful with Robbers. Of course, saving the best ones for last they played Chocolate as the second to the last track. By this time, the crowd was on a musical high. Everyone was singing (although I was not quite sure if they knew they were singing about weed inside a mall). In true rock star fashion, the boys leashed out a riot with the song that launched them into stardom, Sex. They destroy the stage, leaving everyone at awe and wanting so much more.

Truly, the 5-day stay was a surreal experience for both fans and the band alike. The band loved their time spent in Manila and has mentioned that they’ll be back soon. Keep posted here and MMI’s social media accounts for more updates on the developments.

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alexisangulo said...

"It was some One Direction level!" -- Oh George.. haha XD LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE NEXT YEAR!