Monday, May 26, 2014


Words by Manila Concert Scene
Let’s face it. No one goes to an Anne Curtis concert expecting a “singing concert”. People go to one to see an Anne Curtis show. People go to see an escapist spectacle. Heck, even she admits to it. “Hindi maganda boses ko, pero I’ll give you a performance!” And perform she did.

Whether hoisted up in the air of during her opening salvo, or going head-to-head with Robert Sena on the Puccina aria “Nessun Dorma”, or even a Spice Girls medley decked in her tele-serye couture, Ms.Curtis gave it her all. Her conviction to her prod numbers were gamely met with applause. As whatever she lacks in vocal chops, she makes it up with her charms.

Some show highlights included her rendition of the Disney hit, “Let It Go”. (Which by now, the video of her singing the “Frozen” theme has gone viral); and the debut performance of her Katy Perry-sque original song, “Made in the Philippines”. Anne’s mother’s day number of “Wind Beneath My Wings” was also special.

More highlights included the guest appearances of Regine Velsquez, Martin Nievera and Ogie Alcasid plus the comedic bits featuring Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford, where in the latter quips, “Anne, ang dami mo na namang naloko!”

Still, the most touching moment in her show was during her mellowed rendition of the David Guetta favorite, “Titanium”. The self-confessed “Noise of the Philippines” opens the number with an admittance of how the lyrics are close to her heart. Mentioning how challenges and criticisms should be taken in stride, and everyone should just learn to live more. “Kung may mga pinagdadaanan kayo, tandaan lang natin na you have to be stronger and smarter”, she shares. In between fighting her tears and singing the song, the stage illuminated to reveal a collage of fan photos and videos submitted via Instagram through the hashtag, #AnneKapalKoRin. She ends this heartfelt number with a spiel thanking everyone who believed in her since day 1 – “Thanks for keeping the faith. We just got to live more.”

Say what you want about Anne Curtis, but you simply cannot deny how endearing the actress is. Her charisma is magnetic, her presence is delightful. And these are what kept the concert entertaining.
And these are the reasons why she now embraces her smart new title – the Concert Sweetheart.

Let’s give it up for Anne.

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