Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Battle Of Skydome: Children of Bodom Live in Manila

Last May 12, 2014, all hell was unleashed as PULP Live World proudly brought to our shores the original Kings of Melodeath, CHILDREN OF BODOM.  Skydome, SM City North Edsa, Quezon City. was ground zero for what was a rather bloody night of face-melting music. Brave metal head souls lined up early all cladded in their full battle gear to see their idols – marching to battle as early as 5 in the afternoon.

Everyone was excited to hear his or her battle hymns sung and shredded, a looming violence shrouded over the May 12 sky. It was almost the hour of slaughter.

The melodic death metal group from Espoo, Finland came in to fruition in 1993, the group currently consists of Alexi Laiho (vocals, lead guitar), Roope Latvala (guitar), Janne Wirman (keyboards), Henkka Seppälä (bass), and Jaska Raatikainen (drums). In total they have released eight studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, two compilation albums and one DVD.

The band's third studio album, Follow the Reaper, was their first album to receive a Gold certification in Finland, and since then, all seven of the band's studio albums have acquired the same status. In Finland, Children of Bodom has released three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on Finnish album charts, and has also seen chart positions on the United States Billboard 200.

The band has incorporated many different musical styles, leading critics and fans to label them as melodic death metal, power metal, thrash metal, and early symphonic black metal and neoclassical metal. They are one of Finland's best selling artists of all time with more than 250,000 records sold there alone. This is pretty much why they’ve earned the title "The kings of Melodeath” – guardians of real rock and roll.

When the clock struck 8 that fateful evening, the floor of SM North Edsa’s Skydome started to rumble, almost as if the structure was about to cave in. Chills run down the spines of onlookers. Electricity rushed in soon after leaving the crowd in a riot. It was as if Beelzebub himself was rising from beneath. The day of reckoning was upon the crowd.

Children of Bodom left no time to waste. They brought out the big guns that night. They started their set with Sixpounder and followed it with a slew of raging hits such as Living, BBQ, Halo of Blood, Scream, HCDR, Lake Bodom, Fty, Deadmans, AYDY, Blooddrunk, Angels, Towards, Hate Me, Downfall, and Thunder. They ended the evening with their 2005 hit song In Your Face.

It was a massacre. Not a single soul in that Skydome was left unsullied. It was a bloody mess, a brawl, a goddamn genocide. Screams were heard from every corner of the room and chants of Bodom was as constant as heartbeats. It was definitively one of the most epic blood baths of the year and with that the show ends. Everyone that evening who walked out of the Skydome alive definitely would remember that night like a battle scar. And though they may not have the words to put the experience in to writing, it’s obvious that when they’re called upon again to rise up and battle on, they’ll say yes without even giving it a second thought.

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