Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Scenesters guide to Wanderland Festival 2014

Written by: Enrico Suarez
On it’s sophomore year, Karpos Media’s Wanderland Festival is set to treat its wanderers to one heck of a fun filled day of live music, awesome art, bomb food and other crazy attractions. If you survived #Laboracay2014 then I’m pretty sure this years Wanderland Festival will be a breeze. But in any case, for those who haven’t been to any other festival just yet (you probably live under a rock), here is a run down of what to expect at the one-day festival happening at Ayala’s Circuit Makati grounds this coming May 17
Know Your Artists:
 Last year’s Wanderland line up was pretty ace with the likes of Temper Trap and Neon Trees getting the crowd on their feet and dancing the evening away! It was a tough act to follow but it is safe to say that this year’s line up tops last year by bringing some music festival favorites from all over the world. Bands such as The Drums, Architecture in Helsinki, The Royal Concept, Woody Pitney and Lucy Rose will be treating their fans to hits they’ve played across seas and finally now, Manila. Last Dinosaurs will be a returning act. They previously played in Manila to a packed Black Market. Girls and boys busted out their dancing shoes and made sure no one was leaving without breaking a sweat to dance.

Local Acts won’t go unheard as well. Local gig celebrities in their own right are set to raise OPM’s banner high. The likes of rock super group Franco, The Ransom Collective Brisom, Dance Pop Trio Techy Romantics and the first ever winner of the Wanderband contest Chocolate Grass will be sharing good vibrations on stage throughout the day.

How 2 Festival:

1. Dress Smart:
 And by smart I don’t mean your Sunday’s best. Summer’s in full force and unless you want to be swimming in your own sweat best be sure to bring extra clothes, shades, sunblock, caps and dress breezy. Loose shirts, comfy shorts or pants for boys and light colored dresses or decently cut shirts for girls. Most important of all though is wear comfortable shoes. Remember circuit is a grass field and with all the dancing and moving around you’ll be doing your shoes are definitely going to get dirty. ;)

2. Share a Ride, Win a Friend
 Although there’s ample parking space available, to do our part in also helping lessen pollution, it’s best to coordinate with friends if you can hitch. Best thing about this is that you can pre-game on the way to the festival and if you turn it in to a mixer (each friend brings a long someone you’ve never met) you may actually have more fun with new people joining your clique.

3. Enjoy the moment; Leave your selfie sticks at home.
Wanderland is about reveling in the summer sun, vibing to great music and meeting with new friends. Although taking photos are highly encouraged, you don’t have to film the whole thing. Look to your left, then to your right. Dance with the people beside you and sing along to your favorite songs from your favorite artists.

4. C.R.E.A.M.

In case you get hungry and/or thirsty, there’ll be lots of food concessionaires who’d love to cater to your festival craving grub-From trucks to packed lunches, fruit shakes to ice cream. Thing is ATMs may not be available in the area so make sure to bring enough cash unless you want to walk some several miles to the nearest bank under the blistering sun.

5. Remember to Breathe
 Lots of people will be there, friends, acquaintances and maybe even your crush. The most important thing to know is that everyone’s there for the music and saying hi won’t hurt. This may be the perfect opportunity to walk up to him or her and introduce yourself. After all, it’s just all in good fun! Just always remember to breathe!

With that, you’re set. The most important thing is to have fun. That after all is what Wanderland is all about!

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