Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What we loved about Wanderland 2014

Words by Kix Suarez
Concert Photos by Ruby Abucot
Other Festival Photos by Manila Concert Scene

It was that time of the year again that the Globe Circuit grounds were flocked to by Manila’s youth and young at heart. All of them excited in their tie dye sandos, neon shorts and plimsolls for boys while the girls wore loose tops that cut quite low and breezy skirts while dawning the most outrageous and colorful floral crowns. Circuit was definitely transformed in to a Wanderland; where music, art and everything good about life seemed to just come together so effortlessly. Life was a lot brighter – tad bit more whimsical.
Manila Concert Scenesters were definitely treated to one of the best summer parties of the year. Seemed like everything you needed was right at the Globe Circuit grounds. It was one of those nights you didn’t want to see end and when it did end, you just wanted to stay a bit longer, to let things just sink in, to let time stand still.

Here’s what we loved most about this years favorite indie music festival!


Wanderers were treated to a sensorial feast. Albeit the Pasig River’s quite overpowering presence, the grounds were more spectacular this year leaving everyone who came in awe of the crazy attraction they had. The booths were all decked out in this very whimsical almost Alice In Wonderland vibe. The only one missing was Alice herself but then again, the ladies in the crowd seemed to take care of that already.
Without the divide, people could easily move around and bask in the summer sun. There were booths for games, rides and even beer pong, which kept everyone, busy in between sets.

The WanderGrub
This years food and beverage concessionaires should be given mad props. Karpos made sure that not just our ears but our bellies were happy and satisfied. From Sbarro to Bronuts to everyone’s favorite Mcdonald’s, It was definitely a cheat day for everyone still trying to keep sexy for a last minute beach trip.

There was no shortage of good refreshments to choose from as well. From budget friendly The Bar Margaritas, Fresh Del Monte Juice as well as proper cocktails provided by the folks of The Curator. It was really hard to choose which beverage to cool and chill down to. (Of course, budget made it a tad bit easier.)

The Wanderers

A festival will only be as great and as awesome as the people who support it. Wanderland’s definitely blessed to have one of the best bunch of supporters out there. Wanderers know what fun is and definitely live it out during the festival. Everyone is easy to talk to and accommodating. Decked out in the most awesome River Island threads. They made sure that everyone had a blast while also looking pretty dapper. Security and Wanderland staff were ready to assist and make sure that everybody’s safe and enjoying the bands that evening.

The Wanderbands

Of course, we couldn’t miss out on the main attraction. The bands were all amazing. Although the times sets were pretty delayed, bands made it a point to give there all thus putting a really great show for all their fans and newly converted followers as well. Notable acts (which pretty much was all of the bands) include The Wonderful All Stars which was a collective of all the great Filipino bands in the gig scene, Franco, The Royal Concept who got everyone dancing and of course, The Drums.

This year’s Wanderland experience was a treat for both the bands that played (both local and international) and the people who went to see their indie heroes live. With all the wonderful new surprises this year, we definitely can’t wait for what’s in store for the future of Wanderland Festival!


Wanderland Music & Festival is presented by Karpos Multimedia.

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