Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Different Kind of Club

Written by Kix Suarez

Karpos Multimedia Inc. has been having such a great run with all the great acts they’ve been bringing in for the past year or so. It has been nothing but pure amazement to see Karpos do their thing; from mounting one of the first indie music festivals in the country, Wanderland Music Festival (which is now on its second year) to bringing in Phoenix to kick off the year right. Now, World Trade Center in Manila is set to be the venue for another epic night with the fine lads of Bombay Bicycle Club.

Bombay Bicycle Club are an English indie rock band from Crouch End, London, consisting of Jack Steadman (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jamie MacColl (guitar), Suren de Saram (drums) and Ed Nash (bass). They are guitar-fronted and have experimented with different genres, including folk, electronica, world music and indie rock. The band were given the opening slot on 2006's V Festival after winning a competition. They subsequently released two EPs and their debut single "Evening/Morning". Since then, the band have released four albums including "So Long See You Tomorrow" which topped the album charts in February 2014. The band have toured worldwide as a headlining act, playing North America, Australia, Europe and now finally Manila.

Indeed, they band has come a long way from their 15-year-old selves. Steadman, MacColl and de Saram met at age 15, and began playing under the name The Canals after performing together in a school assembly, with an additional keyboardist. They switched between various aliases until they picked Bombay Bicycle Club, named after a (now defunct) chain of Indian restaurants in Britain. The line-up changed regularly until summer 2006, when Ed Nash joined the band after they met him at a funeral. Initially they played gigs at small London venues such as The Old Blue Last, Lark in the Park and Jacksons Lane (as well as winning Exeter's Got Talent 2009).
The band was entered into Virgin Mobile's "Road to V" competition in 2006. They were announced as one of two winners of the competition on 16 August 2006, beating competition from fellow London band - and favourites to win the competition - The Holloways in the final round of fourteen bands.

It was a year after that NME published an article naming Bombay Bicycle Club "...the hottest band to come from North London for quite some time". Bombay Bicycle Club released their debut EP, The Boy I Used To Be February of the year 2007 which was released under their own independent record label, Mmm... Records. The EP was produced by Jim Abbiss at his own personal request, and was recorded and mixed by Ewan Davies at Lincolnshire's Chapel Studios.

So far, the band has enjoyed rave reviews from music aficionados, music publications and festival-goers alike. They’ve released a total of 4 equally successful albums namely I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose (2009), Flaws (2010), A Different Kind of Fix (2011) and their most recent So Long, See You Tomorrow (2014).
Catch them live this July 23 at the World Trade Center and be part of the Club!

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