Monday, July 21, 2014


Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Kris Rocha

Anyone who’s seen a Jessie J concert video can attest to how talented the pop star is. Anyone who’s heard of her singles on Spinnr can singularly conclude this girl has vocal chops. And anyone who’s seen her perform on TV can easily give her good praise.

However, beyond this, we feel there’s a more standout thing about this UK-native.

And hands down it’s her kindness.

Yep. Easily, the best thing about Jessie J, way beyond her talent, is her genuine niceness.

And it’s the genuine, infectious kind – the type you’d feel whether you’re seated in the Gen.Ad, or jumping around in Patron. And we believe that’s the most standout thing about her.

This admirable trait was carried throughout the show. Whether she’s dropping dance hits like “Domino”, “Do it Like A Dude” or “Laserlight”, or effortlessly singing that powerhouse “Who You Are” together with local artist, Morisette Amon – Jessie J has this certain aura that makes her super likeable.

In between sharing life lessons on bullying (where in Jessie J states “Whenever someone is mean to you it says more about them than you..”), or reading a fan mail onstage (which she shared, “The thing that saved me was music, and to know that rifts through to your heart touches me”) or an impromptu song for a Thai fan (she invented a song named “Neng from Thailand”) – Jessie proved that the reason why her music is so alive is because she puts her heart into it.

And how does one of the nicest artist end her show? By calling everyone who was part of the event and individually thanking them onstage.

She shares, “Takes a lot of people to put on a show! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who made tonight's show in Manila possible and to all the crews in all the venues at all the shows and all the hotels and everywhere I have been on this tour! I appreciate you all.”

Shine bright Jessie J, you truly are an inspirational laser light.

Congratulations and thank you to Futuretainment Inc. & Midas Promotions

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