Friday, August 15, 2014

What It Is To Burn: Finch live In Manila

Words by: Enrico Suarez

There are wounds that will never heal. Youth will never truly fade and our constant yearning for nostalgia will always and forever be in our bones. We are after all, sentimental beings. We feed on emotion, feed on feelings. It was in high school that I, pre pubescent and very very angry at the world, first found out about Finch. Back then, Internet was still slow (yes, it was worse back then) but Victory, Vagrant, Drive Thru records seemed to be all the rave at school.  Rare sightings of CDs from those labels at record stores at the mall were automatically picked up however jacked up the prices were back then. Tower Records was heaven. It was a candy store for us hormone raged and quite lonely bros.


I remember giving the CD to the person at the listening booth and asking them if I could check it out. They were quite hesitant to let me hear it because they doubted my buying power since I was all cladded up in emo wear; mismatched slip-ons, ripped skinny jeans and a black Dashboard Confessional knock off shirt from Recto. Fortunately, they let it play and when that first track started blasting off the store’s speakers, I was hooked. For the unfortunate few who probably haven’t heard of this band, Finch is an American post-hardcore band from Temecula, California. The band released an EP Falling Into Place and two full-length albums, What It Is to Burn andSay Hello to Sunshine before declaring a hiatus in 2006. Finch reformed in 2007, playing a reunion show on November 23 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California. They released a self-titled EP a year later, and were in the process of writing their third studio album when they disbanded in late 2010. After playing a group of shows commemorating the ten-year anniversary ofWhat It Is to Burn in 2012, Finch signed with Razor & Tie in 2014 and revealed that they were working on a new studio album.


And though it took over a decade for it to happen, Finch took to the Skydome armed with new and old anthems playing to an emotionally secured wizened crowd. The riot that was opened with New Beginnings and was followed with a classic anthem from their first album Letters to You. They didn’t waste anytime and got to performing Post Script,InkGrey MatterPerfection Through Silence,Anywhere but HereWithout You HereA Piece of MindStay With MeTwo Guns to the TempleInsomniatic MeatUntitled andEnder. 


By this point the crowd was restless. Theband couldn’t leave without playing THE anthem the audience thought collectively. The song that opened with every bit of bottled up anger breaking free. The song that made boys cry and girls slash their wrists and black their eyes. That one song that got kids scolded for being played too loud. That one song that screams through speakers and asks, WHAT IT IS TO BURN?The band gets back on stage but doesn’t just play that. They play three more songs. Worms of the EarthBitemarks and Bloodstains and Three Simple Words. To close, they leave with THE song. The synths sound right, the cry of the guitar feels stabbingly good and the famous first growl made the ground shake. What It is to Burn, ladies and gentlemen--still sounds as painful as the first time I ever heard it. Truly, it was a surreal treat. Many thanks to the good people at Pulp for continuously bringing in acts for the love of rock n roll. We definitely can’t wait for Bazooka Rocks at the end of this month.

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