Monday, September 8, 2014

Concert Roundup: Bazooka Rocks III

Words by Kix Suarez
Day 1 Photos by Nikko Martinez
Special thanks to Seth Valenzuela for Day 2 Photos!

I swear, Bazooka Rocks just keeps getting better and better. Hitting my late twenties this year, I never thought I’d still find festivals and rock shows a thing. I always thought that the late twenties were dedicated to dinner and coffee and maybe the occasional quiet drinks at the local watering hole or dive. I guess I was wrong (and let me tell you, wrong never felt so right. Lol.)

This year Bazooka Rocks held a two-day bash with a mix of emo veterans and the new blood punk bands. The SMX Convention center was transformed in to Alice’s grim wonderland complete with the Mad Hatter, tweedledee and tweedledum, and the queen of heart’s deck of cards army roaming around! A design your own shirt station was also situated at the back, beer pong tables were sponsored by San Miguel Flavored Beer and a pimped out Lee Pipes Combi was parked right smack in the middle of the indoor festival grounds.

The venue filled up quite nicely bringing in a mix of fans for day 1 and day 2. The older much more wizened crowd came out for the first day. For them, it felt like a nostalgic trip back to high school- to the days teenage angst was all they could care about and a failing grade in math seemed like the end of the world. First timers in Manila, the members of Senses Fail and Saves The Day killed their set and gave closure to a couple of late twenty something year old fans that blocked out their Saturday just to see them play in hopes to resolve a few issues they’ve been going through since high school. Taking Back Sunday and The Used though, now that was a different story altogether. There will always be bands that’ll make songs that’ll leave a bitter taste in the mouth as you sing every word to self-proclaimed anthems of difficult points in your youth. Taking Back Sunday and The Used were those bands. Their performances were stellar. Lazzarra swagger and McCracken’s wiseass ways tore out sutures of wounds that we forgot were even there.

The second day on the other hand brought in a much more hormone crazed crowd. Young love was in the air. It felt like prom but with cool bands that played music that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside -15 years old, awkward but with the prettiest girl in their respective schools. By the look on these teenage boys’ faces, it seemed Bazooka Rocks to them was the world and a dozen roses. We are the In Crowd, Summer Set, Echosmith and You Me At Six were the reason they were there other than of course their beautiful dates and the chance to hold hands. The bands didn’t fail to supply the soundtrack to blooming young love affairs that beautiful Sunday. Everyone wished it could’ve lasted forever but unfortunately, it was a school day the next day.

It was definitely the best of the Bazooka Rocks series to date. Many thanks to Pulp Live World for having the balls to bring in these bands.

Up next, Anberlin’s farewell gig at SM Skydome! See you there!

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