Monday, September 15, 2014

Is This Real Life? David Blaine in Manila

Words by Kix Suarez
Photos by Kris Rocha

As far back as I could remember, I was always fascinated by magic. A magic bit was a requisite for my parties as a kid. It was what separated the good children’s parties from the just okay ones (unless there was red hotdog on sticks with marshmallows, I easily let not having a magic thing slip.) I actually really didn’t care if the magician was a clown or a guy in a top hat as long as he did magic, I was happy. The pulling a bunny out of a hat trick was my all time favorite.

By my early teens, I discovered David Blaine on Cable TV. Looking half stoned or hung over in front of the camera, he did the simplest tricks but drew the most astounding reactions. It was new to me, to see a guy in a black shirt, black denim out on the street just lashing out tricks out of the blue. No lights, glittery and shiny suits, face paint or big explosions. It was just himself, a deck of cards or whatever he could lay his hands on. There was always something unexpected that was going to happen. It was riveting stuff!

So passing up on his one night only show in Manila was definitely not an option. It was the last stop of David Blaine’s Asian tour. Araneta Coliseum filled up quite nicely. Young and the old were all mixed in the crowd. Whole families, politicians, celebrities and socialites were all present. Everyone was excited to see one of the most exciting magicians of our time in the flesh.

The lights went low and everyone started to get giddy! I expected him to enter with a huge bang – some kind of flare or pizzazz but it was the complete opposite. He just walked in. And that was enough. Soon after the applause, he started to chug 3 liters of water.  As to how he could drink that much was puzzling in itself.

He didn’t stop there though, he topped it off with gas too. (He was that thirsty.)

He then blew the gas out to fire up his logo on-stage to the amusement of the crowd and killed the fire with the 3 liters of water he just drank.

After, he got off the stage and walked around the coliseum looking for volunteers to which everyone in the crowd begged to be picked! It was such a treat for those called as they got to bring home cards, puzzles and other things used during the show!

It was the last part that blew the crowd’s minds (mine too!).  A familiar stunt that he has done already but to see him do it up close was such a treat.

David Blaine was to submerge himself in a tank filled with water and hold his breath for 8 minutes. The unbelievable thing though was that he actually pushed for 10.29 minutes! Being Manila the last leg of the tour, he pushed himself to his limits and set a record for the tour! Even more so amazing was the fact that he was able to stand and talk right after! It was truly a magical night! I hope a repeat happens soon!

Congratulations to David Blaine and Ovation Productions!

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