Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Words by Niche Dumlao
Special thanks to Danix Valientes & Top Hat Studio for the photos!

What do you get when you mix an orange sunset, grey colored birds, clinging humidity and Italian inspired architecture? Weirdly enough, a metalcore concert. As these weren’t really the most ideal of combinations, but these worked together to set the stage for one of the most exciting up-and-comers. Setting the stage for the unleashing of Issues. And that fateful afternoon turned out to be beastly.

Kicking off with a stellar performance from Faspitch, these comeback kids showed that they are truly missed by the scene. With a good mix of their past hits and new tracks off their new album – these veterans of Sonic Boom threw one respectable set.

But of course, everyone went of Issues. (Even Faspitch vocalist Henry Allen said so onstage)
And the hooligans from Atlanta certainly did not disappoint. Laying of a song selection that shoots like an assault rifle – “Personality Cult”, “Sad Ghost”, “Princeton Ave”, “Never Lose Your Flames”, “Life of a Nine” indeed got things to business. Proving to be one tight unit, the 5-piece band kept on giving. The interplay between the members were entertaining and noteworthy with stylings that can get your Pony footwear ready for mosh action. And mosh they did!  With “Stingray Affliction”, “Love Sex Riot” all in their robust setlist. Ultimately, “Mad At Myself”, “The Settlement” and “Hooligans” cap off their set nicely.

But one cannot recall the show without the goose-bump inducing encore call. Instead of the usual chants of “more, more, more”, the crowd turned into one unified singing machine requesting for “Disappear (Remember When)”.

And this gesture got to the boys, wherein vocalist Tyler Carter attested “I'm in shock at tonight's show. So beautiful. I wanna cry, totally re-evaluated my whole career as well as my existence.” He too added, “I've never experienced anything like what I felt tonight Manila. That connection was the most insane vibe ever. You are so fucking amazing!!”

Like we said, beastly.

Not bad for an unlikely combination of an orange sunset, grey colored birds, clinging humidity and Italian inspired architecture.


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