Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Top 5 Mariah Tracks We Want To Hear Live In Her Elusive Chanteuse Concert

She’s visited Japan, Korea, China plus more countries for her tour, and we are up next! With days leading up to the much awaited Mariah Concert, we asked around the MCS staff and friends what song from the Elusive Chanteuse setlist would they be most excited to experience live? After all, a Mariah setlist would most likely be loaded with hits and favorites from her very vibrant career. So we cranked up our Spinnr and listed.

And here are the top 5.

A single from the “Butterfly” album, “Breakdown” is slow and sexy. Mariah visits her hiphop vein and creates a track that’s soft and subtle. True, it’s not as big as her other hits, but her tender play of quieter moments shines brightly in this track. In fact, David Browne from Entertainment Weekly praised the song, writing "for most of the album she keeps her notorious octave-climbing chops at bay. Showing some admirable restraint”.

Dancey and disco-inspired, “Emotions” is that Mariah song that screams “pump up the volume”! Utilizing a sweet hook reminiscent of “Best of My Love” and “Got to Be Real”, “Emotion” soars into pop music heaven without falter. Shying away from her power ballads, Mariah showcases that she can indeed still be effervescent in an up-tempo number. Truly, this song lives up to its status as a classic.

This monster track from 2002 is touted as one of the Diva’s best!  The New York Times even wrote, "This style is part of the reason why she has been able to turn a ballad into a summer smash. 'We Belong Together' doesn't have a guest rapper, or a hard-hitting beat, but Ms. Carey's tricky vocal lines give the song more propulsion than you'd expect, with tightly coiled counter-rhythms that tug against the beat." No wonder we are excited when she drops this live.

One of her many Grammy-nominated hits, “Always Be My Baby” shall forever remind us of summer. A song about young-love, “Always Be My Baby” shall forever be one of Mariah’s catchiest songs. The “doowoop” intro is as memorable as it’s music video. This swingy, kilig single has countless of couples claiming it as their song. Heck, even A.I. alum David Cook has his rendition. Imagine this sang live!

In a karaoke country like ours, “Hero” is probably sung in all videoke places from Ilocos to Iligan. Thus, showing us its timelessness and appeal. “Hero” is uplifting, golden and anthemic. It’s probably played in millions of weddings, AVP tributes and even funerals.  Who wouldn’t? The soul-stirring nature of this song shows us how golden Mariah is. That’s why we can’t wait to hear this live.

How about you? What’s that Mariah track you want to hear live? Better be hasty as tickets to show are almost sold out.

The Elusive Chanteuse Show starring Mariah Carey LIVE in Manila on October 28, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets are available at all SM Tickets outlets nationwide and through online at Call 470-2222 for ticket inquiries. Another Wilbros Live concert

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