Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Journey Of Feels

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Kris Rocha

Jason Mraz has been in the country for several times, but it’s always a delight having him. It’s obvious why…the man always keep things fresh in every return. And the last one is no exception. Backed up by his new-found band, Raining Jane, Mraz put on a gentler set this time around. With pockets through the concert showcasing the talents of his all-female arsenal. “I’ve always wanted to be in a girl band”, he kids. And the result is a sojourn that’s laid back, smooth and magical.

What we love about this show was Mraz’s reinvention of his well-loved tracks. Now that Raining Jane is part of the equation, tracks such as “The Remedy”, “Lucky”, “Butterfly”, “Make It Mine” and “A Beautiful Mess” among others, were given a charming twist. The serenades were highlighted with lovely swoons, and whimsical doo-wops. Still, if there’s one thing we loved more, it was Jason’s delightful banter with the crowd. Beyond a wonderful songwriter, Mraz is a pleasant storyteller who drops nuggets of wisdom here and there:

“Your heart is connected to your arms. That's science”, he quips.

“"Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale some more. Now exhale. At the very least you can say this concert was breathtaking”, he jokes.

"Call up a friend. Tell them hey, I'm at this show  I didn't invite you to. But you're here. In my heart. Because my heart is connected to my arms and my arms dialed you. That's science”. Very witty, Mr. Mraz.

And of course there’s the music. That heartwarming, kilig-inducing music which got us into an array of feels. And it was a beautiful journey. “Love Someone”, “Long Drive”, “I’m Yours” were some of the most potent in his set list. With each performance brimming with so much emotion and earnest singing – truly, Jason is a master heartfelt music.

So the if ever Mr.Mraz and Raining Jane decide to return to Manila once again, sign us up! We’re there.

An Acoustic Evening with Jason Mraz & Raining Jane Live In Manila is presented by Music Management International and Ovation Productions!


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