Monday, January 12, 2015

One Night With Dishwalla

One Night With Dishwalla
Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Stephen Lavoie for Manila Concert Scene

90s rock sensation Dishwalla took the stage of the Megatent Libis for a night of nostalgia and good old alternative music. The setting was intimate – cozy, carpeted with enough alcohol to go around, highlighted with an atmospheric lighting…but the mood was ecstatic. Why not? A serving of local music inclusive of Up Dharma Down and Wolfgang started the evening. And these are 2 of the finest in the land.

By midnight, fans went agog with excitement as the Orange County hit-makers traversed through a selection of their tracks which included their biggest hits and personal favorites. With a total of 14 songs like “Angels and Devils”, “Collide”, “Charlie Brown’s Parents”  as well as “Moisture” and “Opaline” among others, Dishwalla skillfully maneuvered through their discography . And of course “Counting Blue Cars” was there – which obviously elicited the loudest cheers.  Erupting into one sing along session to the iconic chorus line: Tell me all your thoughts on God cause I would really like to meet her and ask her why we’re who we are. Indeed, this track is timeless.

It really is astonishing to observe how the band is still in their tiptop shape – whether in their full electronic form or in their stripped back portion. And this contagious energy was one of the best things we enjoyed very much. Dishwalla still has it. Sure it’s not original vocalist, J.R. Richards up there, but (semi) new guy, Justin Fox did an amazing job keeping the soul alive. And we’re pretty sure everyone enjoyed it well. In this cozy, carpeted and intimate gathering of lovers of Dishwalla.


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