Monday, January 5, 2015


Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Kris Rocha

This may be the 3rd time Yellowcard played in Manila, but it’s still as fun as the first one. Consistent with their pop-punk flavor, the boys from Florida have always been known for their energetic sets and high octane tracks. And that didn’t falter. Delivering a punchy and robust 20-song-setlist, Yellowcard did not disappoint as the boys kept everything spirited…song after song after song.

But the one thing we found endearing and charming on this show was vocalist Ryan Key’s earnest stage banters.
From humbly thanking their fans for sticking with them since the release of “Ocean Avenue”, (“You guys are halfway around the globe but you know our songs, and wear our t-shirts…you don’t know how lucky we are having you around”); to appreciating our always warm welcome when they’re in town. There was a lot of tenderness in this show, most especially when they remembered those in typhoon Yolanda.

“You’ve lost a lot in this storm, and we know how that feels like because of (typhoon) Katrina, but always have the strength from within to start anew. We honor those we’ve lost.”

And I think that’s the beauty of Yellowcard. Beyond the catchy songs they play, they always have something to say relevant and relatable. I remember during Circuitfest, Ryan Key said something like: “to anyone who ever felt how it is to not belong, know that you are loved by someone”. And that really shows a lot of character in them. Truly proves that this band has a lot of heart.

No wonder we always come to see them.

Yellowcard Live In Manila 2014 is presented by DMC Philippines and Phoenix Productions.


Opening Act - URBANDUB


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