Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reunited in Love

Words and Photos by Isabella Cruz

The town was definitely painted red as the Circus Band, The Ambivalent Crowd and the New Minstrels join for the first time in 30 years for a night at the PICC last February 13 for a grand 70’s throwback; Reunited in Love – The Greatest Hits Concert. The air was filled with sweet serenades and couples were showered with memories of their love lives. OPM Legends Hajji Alejandro, Basil Valdez, Celeste Legaspi, Ray An Funetes, Eugene Villaluz, Louie Reyes, Chad Equa, Dang Mercado, Pat Castillo and Tillie Moreno were sure to sing their greatest hits such as Gulong ng Palad and Nakapagtataka.

Wonderful medleys were also on the list as the different crooners came together on the stage.  It was pretty evident that the mature audiences were brought back to their youth as the songs definitely brought back both sweet and bitter memories. We were all treated with hugot and kilig songs as each artist belted out different songs, covers and originals alike, that were part of almost all couples’ soundtracks back in the day.

The night ended in a very 70’s like disco as each and every one in the audience got up on their feet and bounced to the beats. It was such a sight to see such legends reignite their youth on the stage, dancing and grooving to the music alongside the great orchestra. With musical direction by Beth Martin and overall direction by Leo Rialp, the night was truly a great start for a Valentine to remember.

Reunited in Love is presented by Viva Concerts Live!

More photos from the show below:

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