Friday, February 6, 2015


Photos by Kris Rocha

He looks like a secret agent man. Sleek black suit, clean cut, shiny shoes, all matched with an infectious charming persona. But he’s not quite Bond. He’s Bublé​... Michael Bublé​. And like a good Bond movie, his concert got us hooked from the start to finish – filled with action packed numbers and generous patches of love.

And in true Bond fashion, it starts with fire. Sliding into view from behind a billowing curtain as flames shot up at the front of the stage. “Fever” was his song of choice and certainly apt given the shrieks and screams that greeted him from the audience.

He’s simply very, very good at giving the people who want. Such a seasoned entertainer, Bublé​ mixed his music with risqué humour and irresistible quirks. And everyone simply loved it. With such rapport, the man and his audience easily bonded.

Backed by a full orchestral band, he worked his way through a clutch of classics: a sax-heavy “Try a Little Tenderness” was followed by a playful rendition of the latin-flavoured “Come Dance with Me”. These tracks perfectly showcased his smooth, Sinatra-style voice and his chart-topping hits “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Hold On” were all reciprocated with love.

After performing a handful of bouncy Motown numbers, he teared back to the main stage and led the audience in a singalong of The Beatles’s “All You Need is Love”, as thousands of red and white paper hearts fell delicately from the ceiling. Indeed, it was single-handedly everyone’s favorite part.
Slushy nonsense, perhaps, but it’s a formula that Bublé has perfected and it works. It’s a strong showing with that delicate taste. And everyone wanted it. Just like Bond’s Martini – shaken not stirred.

Michael Bublé​ Live in Manila is presented by Wilbros Live.


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