Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tycho Live in Manila

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Karen De La Fuente

No, it wasn’t prom (that happened over a decade ago) and yet I had my heart out on my sleeve. As I ran through the hallways trying to find out where the theater was in this labyrinth-like hotel, I was slowed down by the casino’s security and the sheer exhaustion that came with the long day that was. It’s been a difficult past few months; a new job that needed a lot of getting used to and the once familiar part of a whole was missing. It was a pain that I had to endure.

I was late. I was making people wait -- one of the few things I never was comfortable with.
Tycho, was playing that night and to be honest, I only knew a handful of their tracks. And those tracks I knew were just tracks I found out were theirs because I halfheartedly listened to them as they reverberated from a friend’s car stereo on our way home after a night of inebriation. They were never the main thing; they were always just by the ways. Soft sound breaks that transitioned to the next guilty jam.

That Tuesday night, all I knew was that I needed a drink. Well, to be more exact, I needed drinks.  I got what I wanted; Gin and Tonic, hold the lime, with a slice of cucumber instead and make sure to keep them coming. I finally saw Danica and her friends and they managed to get inside of the theater just in the nick of time. I decided to stay by the bar for just a bit longer.

Jorge Wieneke also known as Similar Objects, opened. Usually he’d spin at Black Market infusing trap and deep house and commanding the crowd with his talent for curating music. It wasn’t the case this time around. It was a live set – something I wish he’d do more of. Honest and pure, what he did that night was nothing short of brave. He opened himself up in front of a room full of strangers and it was no surprise that the crowd embraced him.

Tycho came on shortly. As his lone self, he was Scott Hansen but tonight he brought his band along. Live, the set up was Hansen on synthesizers, guitar, bass, visuals and programming while Zac Brown did support bass and guitar, Rory O’Connor took care of drums and Joe Davancens took to the bass, keyboards and synths as well. This was the last leg of their tour and a crowd filled up Solaire’s Theater nicely. The theater was enormous but somehow the people in the crowd managed to keep a certain kind of intimacy between them and the band. They opened with Bibio’s remix of Spectre and was soon followed by Adrift, Apogee, L, Dye, Hours, See, Past Is Prologue, PBS, Ascension, Dive, A Walk. The band took a quick break and later finished their set with Come Truise’s remix of Awake, Montana and Elegy.

The band sounded great. Even the little details in between waves seemed to flow through. It was the perfect venue for a concert albeit the seats. Tipsy from the drinks, alone, I stood there. The set was moving. Minding my footing, it was hard to keep still as song after song felt like waves of memories crashing on me. First her smile, then her laughter, then brief instances of blank stares as things started to change. The spark that once was eventually dimmed down. And finally, it was done. It was a beautiful evening to say the least. Heavy but somehow needed.

I got home at 4 in the morning. I was at the office by 8.

Tycho Live in Manila is presented by Random Minds Productions.


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