Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5 Reasons to Watch La Cage Aux Folles

Words by Angela Prats
Photos by Kris Rocha

Sure there are more than 5 reasons to catch this musical play by 9 Works Theatrical who have worked so hard to put on a fabulous show.  But to give you an idea on what to expect we list down our top 5 reasons based on our experience when we had the opportunity to catch the preview last February 27, and here they are:

1. Michael De Mesa.  The veteran actor returns to the theatre stage after a 6-year hiatus. He delivered spectacularly as Georges, the owner of Saint Tropez drag nightclub aptly called, La Cage Aux Folles. No trace of those 6 long years as he amazingly sang every note and danced every step.

2. Audie Gemora. Playing as the impeccable "Zaza, he indeed played a Queen, a drag Queen at that, so effortlessly. With all the costume changes and the songs, his performance was unforgettable. Especially with the musical's most special song, 'I Am What I Am'.

3. The up and coming young thespians making their rounds in the theatre scene. Rafa Siguion-Reyna who plays Cagelle named Mercedes, 16 year-old Missy Macuja-Elizalde and Joni Galeste who alternately plays Anne Dindon, and Steven Silva who plays Zaza and Georges' son Jean-Michel.

4. The whole production - the sets, costumes, music, and choreography! The music comes alive again from the 3-time Tony Award French musical play and all the dancing will make you sway in your seat.

5. Noel Rayos as Jacob, Zaza and George's butler (but he prefers to be called a maid), and plays the assistant of Zaza. His character has the most number of costume changes out of everyone and for a good reason you have to see.  He may have stolen the show a couple of times with his perfect comedic lines that will leave you breathless from laughing. (Btw, Jacob's closet of costumes includes the original Annie costume worn by none other than Ms. Lea Salonga, which we prefer not to share the photo here to give you another bonus reason to catch this musical live!)

So do yourself a favor and march on to the RCBC Plaza to have a night full of laughter, wonderful music and acting and in the end, you will realize that love conquers all.  La Cage Aux Folles runs until March 29, 2015. BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE AT HERE.

Check out this video invite from Audie Gemora and Michael De Mesa:


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