Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lamb Of God in Manila

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Ben Barayuga

This was the third time that Lamb of God has played in the Philippines (first in 2010 and then in 2012) – and it’s safe to say the crowd were not bored of seeing Randy Blythe and co live.
As the fans piled into the World Trade Centre, the anticipation to see the groove metal band from Virginia, USA was palpable. The closer it got to 9pm when they were due to start, the louder and more frequent the chants of “LAMB OF GOD” got from the crowd.

Opening with the fast ‘Desolution’, a track from their new album ‘Resolution’, the crowd went crazy, Lamb of God were here and they were going to be LOUD. Bring it on. The sound was absolutely perfect so props to the sound engineers on the night. The lighting throughout the show was exceptional, from the deep reds covering the crowds in Hellish light to the flashing strobes that made your moshing look like it was in slow motion.

It didn’t take the band long to play a crowd favorite, early into the set came ‘Ruin’ – a pounding song from their album ‘As the Palaces Burn’. Finally, a mosh pit.

Other crowd favourites included ‘Now you’ve got Something to Die For’, ‘Laid to Rest’ and ‘Omerta’ – all from their ‘Ashes of the Wake’ album. I’ve only put these three as crowd favourites but the entire crowd loved EVERY song (if you want to see/listen to the whole set then check out the link at the end). When Randy started speaking the instantly recognizable opening lyrics to ‘Omerta’, the crowd knew what was about to come and started chanting the lyrics along with him before the explosive guitar came in. Randy had great stage presence and rapport with the crowd – in a break between songs he talked about Manila. He said about how much he loves playing here... and about the traffic which is now synonymous with our capital. He also said about how crazy the Jeepneys are and how he’d love to buy one, take it back to the US and “put all our stuff in the back and go on f*****g tour in it) – drawing huge cheers from the crowd.

The crowd were amazing all night, they knew the lyrics to every song and were screaming their lungs out to them – as if they were the ones on stage and not Randy Blythe. It was brilliant to see so much passion. After Lamb of God finished their set with the great ‘Black Label’, the crowd stayed and bayed for more – which unfortunately never came. But their set was more than enough and hopefully they will be back in Manila again, because this is one of the best live acts I have seen and one of the best metal bands in the world.

Lamb of God Live in Manila is presented by Pulp Live World.


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