Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

Christina Perri opened her “Head or Heart” show a Capella style. And that’s one gutsy move.
Front and center, the singer-songwriter sang her first track – “Trust” – with nothing but just her and a mic stand. And the moment she opened herself to sing, out came a voice so crisp, so powerful…so endearing. Truly, a brave move for the 28 year old talent to start her show devoid of bells and whistles. But I guess those are truly Christina’s strengths – her voice and her vulnerability. And indeed, it was a perfect way to establish an entertainingly intimate evening.

Featuring a bevy of her hits such as “Human”, “Jar of Hearts”, and the megahit, “A Thousand Years”, alongside gems like “Distance”, “Butterfly”, “Penguin” plus covers of “Thinking Out Loud” and “A Sky Full of Stars”; Perri took us into a journey not only into her songs, but into her stories as well. It’s noteworthy to note that for a girl who sings a lot of “sad songs”, Perri carries a jolly persona.

While singing ballads, the singer sashayed around the stage. At times she would be seen waltzing along to an invisible partner performing pirouettes here and there. Infecting the whole of Smart Araneta with her unmistakable light – perfectly becoming the head of all the hearts that night.

In between her numbers, Christina shared nuggets of wisdom along the way. One of which is being kinder to yourself and the importance of self-forgiveness. She imparts, "When the world is against you, tell yourself ‘this is not the end of me, this is the beginning’ – so just hold on." She too expressed how people should be more vocal and appreciative of the person you love. Which she urged everyone to take a selfie with their concert companions. And of course, she tackled the beauty of being thankful, wherein Perri quips, “I am very grateful, my heart is exploding.”

By the end of the show, Christina once again expressed gratitude towards her crowd: “I am just a girl who writes songs. And I think you for letting these love songs in to your heart”. And we thank you for warming our hearts.

As the curtains went down and the houselights went on, we got curious…should we choose our head or our heart. Good thing we had Christina answer this.  She divulges, “Neither, just have to follow your gut. Trust your gut”.

This coming from the girl who gutsingly began her show a Capella and weaved in emotions ‘til the end, we believe you Christina. We certainly do. Special thanks to Midas Promotions Philippines.

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