Sunday, May 24, 2015


Photos by Kris Rocha / MCA Music

One of the things I truly enjoy in pop diva shows is the spectacle! 

Over the top and crazy production numbers, stage mechanics that defy expectations and effects that go all out. We’ve seen Beyonce do it at the Fort Open Field, Aguilera as well. J.Lo and Mariah took on the MOA Stage to fantastic proportions. Kylie’s was exceptional (umm a lagoon in Araneta…hello), Lady Gaga’s was jaw-dropping (a fortress inside MOA arena…damn son).

And then there’s Katy Perry.

For the third time, the California Girl brought a show that had bells and whistles as loud as New Year’s Eve. Her Prismatic show was a massive visual fest that only Katy could come-up with. Taking us through neon ancient Egypt, Pussycatland, and disco heaven of kitsch, but still had the nice touch of going soft in the middle of the barrage of things. This concert pulled out the stops and then extended the train. And what a ride it is!

But if there’s anything more impressive than the production, it’s Katy Perry herself. Her vocals were on point. Of course she could easily sing through her chart toppers like “Dark Horse”, “Roar”, “Hot n Cold” but it was highly impressive when she took on the more powerful ones. Belting out for the likes of “Firework” and “Unconditionally”; as well as the tenderness it required for “Just Like The Movies” and “The One That Got Away” – Katy’s vocals never faltered. Beyond the vocals, the pop star’s pleasant demeanor too shined. 

In fact, we can easily nominate her as an icon of joy. Her friendliness towards her loving KatyCats as well as the adoring Filipino fan base in general can be felt anywhere in the humongous Philippine Arena. (Backstage too when she got awarded her platinum award, Ms. Perry was in her most infectious behavior.) This is prismatic, and she was the light. In fact, a lucky fan in a fish costume was asked to go onstage with her for a little chat. 

“How do you say ‘hello’ in Filipino?” the cat asked.

“Hello.”, replied the fish.

And that’s how the fish named Marty stole the show.

All in all, it’s not hard not to be impressed by Katy’s concert. It had everything you wanted in a pop show…and more. There’s something about the Prismatic show that made you feel light and happy. 

You may attribute it to the colourful production, or to Katy’s feel good songs. You may even attribute it to how every single one in the arena sang out loud like it were their #SpinnrKatyPerry setlist. How every single one moved and danced along to every track thrown in her setlist (Kathniel included). 

And that’s what’s great about it. 

You just end up with a huge smile on your face.

And isn’t that why we go to concerts?

But going home from the show…that’s a different story.

Still, Katy’s brand of happy sunshine and rainbows trumped over that.


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