Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Demi Love

The Demi Love
Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

It's super easy to love Demi Lovato.
She's sweet, relatable, friendly, and importantly, talented. Her vocals pack a powerful punch and hit the spot in the right places. Whether she's going for an up-tempo number, or a ballad, Demi's vocals work to its advantage. And it was truly a treat to hear it once again live!

Demi returns to Manila with guns a blazing. Sampling an artillery of her biggest hits, Demi Lovato showcased a chockfull of cuts that cover most of her career highlights. Opening with the infectious “Really Don’t Care”, the popstar then moved to “The Middle” and followed by “Fire Starter”. All of which, her vocal chops carry through beautifully. What the show lacked in stage antics, her sheer talent totally makes up for it - front and center, no need for pyros, dancers and complicated production numbers.

Though Lovato didn’t talk too much during her 90-minute show, instead efficiently trotting through a 16-song set list, when she did speak, it mattered.

"I never imagined I'd be fortunate enough to be in the Philippines...I dreamed, and I hoped, and I prayed that people would know my songs", the Demi shared.

And the people indeed knew her songs, as the audience sang along to her next batch of hits inclusive of “Heart Attack”, “My Love Is Like a Star”, “Get Back “ plus a medley of “Don't Forget” and “Catch Me”. By the time she performed “Let It Go”, the people went to a frenzy. During this time, Demi would pause with a huge smile on her face and proceeds to wave to her fans. Ultimately ending with a back to back "Skyscraper" and "Give Your Heart A Break". Not before going for an encore featuring her thumping, "Neon Lights".

As the concert ended, we are reminded that if there's another element that kept everything going, it was the fans. The Lovatics cheered her on, singing along with much gusto and even had a fan gesture. To which Appreciatively, Ms. Lovato shares, "If you're having a rough my music."
Yes indeed, it's not hard to love her.

Demi World Tour: Demi Lovato Live in Manila 2015 is presented to you by Wilbros Live. More photos from the show below:

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