Monday, May 4, 2015

The Script Rocks Manila For The 3rd Time

The Script Rocks Manila For The 3rd Time
Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Seth Valenzuela
It’s the third time The Script threw a show in Manila, but we’re always happy to see the band and their Irish charm. Entertaining, heartfelt, and at times funny – the boys sure know how to deliver a great show. And for a band that made a living out of ballads, it’s really noteworthy how the boys kept everything high energy.

Kicking off with the Riverdance-tinged rocking number “Paint The Town Green”, The Script began their concert with a riveting start – by entering the venue via the audience entrance dotted with a line of ushers bearing green flags. This itself was barraged by a lot of screaming fans. To which vocalist Danny O'Donoghue declares, "It's a big honor to be back! You made us feel like we're the biggest band in the world". And thus began a night filled with their best hits such as “Breakeven”, “Before the Worst”, “Superheroes” and “We Cry”.

When the band was not furiously working the crowd into a fun singalong, or Danny borrowing cellphones and calling an ex-boyfriend, its three members took the time to tell anecdotes of fear and courage. Guitarist Mark Sheehan, for example, shared that he had an “irrational fear of heights”. He also adds, “You have to be careful with what songs you write because you have to shoot a music video.”

O’Donoghue also shared that before making it big, the band was made up of a bunch of “broke musicians”. “We were sleeping on couches and we had no money. Thankfully the music came along and introduced us to you beautiful people.”

And the beautiful people kept showing their love back. In one moment, everyone whipped out their cellphones and illuminated the MOA Arena with the light coming off their wares. And in another, the audience members rushed to surround a second stage located at the middle of the VIP section with much excitement. Here, the trio performed acoustic renditions of their biggest hits – inclusive of the song that catapulted them to fame, “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. The band ended this set by sharing, "You gave us the best 8 years of our lives."

Hugot aside, the charismatic vocalist clearly knew how to have fun with the crowd. There was a moment when he disappeared from the stage, leaving Sheehan with a guitar solo only to pop up later at the lower box area. While singing “You Won’t Feel A Thing”, O’Donoghue held a GoPro camera and worked his way through the crowd and onto the stage. A little bit of the performance was lost in the frenzy but it’s OK. Surely, fans appreciated O’Donoghue’s efforts to make that extra connection with them. All in all, ending the concert with “Hall of Fame”.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why we Pinoys love The Script. Whether it’s their sentimentality or their talent for putting heartfelt drama in songs, we just can’t get enough of it. And we’re pretty sure when the band comes along for another show, we’ll be welcoming them back with open arms.

The Script Live in Manila 2015 is presented to you by Midas Promotions Philippines. Check out more photos from the show below:

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