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Up Up and Away: Wanderland 2015 Roundup

Up Up and Away: Wanderland 2015 Roundup
Written by Kix Suarez
Photos by Seth Valenzuela
Saturday April 25th marked the annual Wanderland music fest in Manila and like every year, it was held in the Globe Circuit Events ground.

This year’s line up was very interesting to say the least. A lot of firsts and new things were introduced to the festival which kept the three year old festival a new twist. This year, the Wandeland Festival was headlined by acts Hale, Youngblood Hawke, Lewis Watson, The Jungle Giants, Augustana, RAC, and Kid Cudi.

Hale, fronted by crooner heartthrob Champ Lui Pio had people feeling nostalgic, taking the older people in the crowd on a trip down memory lane. ‘High school hits, pare,’ group of yuppies in boat shoes and polo shirts exclaimed. The band had broken up in 2010 and just this January announced that they were officially back together. They sang the songs that cut the most and introduced some new song they have been working on as well.

Augustana, the American rock band from California was when people were really starting to get off their mats and beanbags. Handkerchiefs in their hands trying not to cry through the high school heartbreak and nostalgia, the crowd sang along and knew every single word when they played their biggest hit to date, “Boston”.

As mentioned earlier as well, this year featured a smaller stage for local independent acts. Situated conveniently next to the main stage, festivalgoers were able to walk just a few easy steps from one act to the next. It was refreshing to see that Wanderland’s crowd didn’t just come for the foreign acts. Drawing a good crowd to watch them play were dj and producer CRWN and the ever so lovely Jess Connelly. CRWN’s funky beats and Jess Connelly’s silky voice was the love team of the night. The crowd went crazy to their most popular song to date “Under Blankets”.

With no water breaks needed, RAC came on straight after CRWN and Jess Connelly’s 4-song performace. RAC, no surprise there, played the main stage. Unlike most DJ’s that come to manila nowadays, RAC spun music you could two-step to. It was not a fist pump kind of set but more something you’d really dance to. Everyone at the concert grounds got to their feet as RAC did their thing. Not a single person in the crowd unless too inebriated by the Smirnoff Mule, was caught stoic or staying put.

Alas, Kid Cudi took the main stage as closing act. Everyone was excited to hear him perform his music live. Manila rarely gets rappers to come over and it was nice to get the chance this year to get one of the funnest rappers in the game. He interacted with the crowd throughout his whole set. People came to hear him play his old tracks but somehow, it got confusing because he was singing more than rapping. The crowd was puzzled but still were giddy to see the guy up on stage. It was when he rapped, especially to his old music, that the crowd got pretty wild. Aside from the music, Mr. Rager’s visuals were on point. It was a hallucinogenic trip that got everyone Up Up and Away. Kid Cudi’s performance definitely made it the perfect ending to yet another successful music festival.

Wanderland 2015 is presented to you by Karpos Multimedia Inc. More photos from the festival below

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