Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Forever Summer: 12 Hour Party People

What can you do in 12 hours? Well, Closeup seemed to have taken that dare and produced one of the most-attended parties this summer.

Closeup Forever Summer returns bigger this year. With a more spectacular venue, beefier line-up and an even more incredible set of onstage antics. Everything about this year’s Forever Summer just seemed grander.  And truly, this was flawlessly delivered. From the indie music stylings of Angus and Julia Stone, to the thumping beats of Martin Garrix, the 12-hour party just kept on blasting.
We hung out with Closeup Brand Manager, Gem Laforteza, to find out more about this impressive feat.

MCS: Hi Gem, the event is obviously larger this year. What went through the concept-making stage to help ensure that everything was on point?

Gem: Three things went into the conceptualization and planning for Closeup Forever Summer: Research, Crowdsourcing, and Closeup’s mission to help people get closer. We do a lot of crowd-sourcing. We ask people over Facebook and Twitter what they want to happen or see at Closeup Forever Summer. We listen to the crowd and try our best to make their ideas and preferences happen. But the most important consideration is Closeup’s mission, which is to get people close. We build the event in a way that makes it easy for people to get close with that special someone.

MCS: You've included non-EDM acts in the line-up, does this signal a route you'll be taking for the next one? Or dance party all the way?

Gem: We’ll have to see what people thought about it this year, and what people will say the next time we ask them about Closeup Forever Summer. But for me personally, I really loved the Indie acts this year.

MCS: Any plans of setting this up in other parts of the country?

Gem: We would love to do that. A lot of people on Facebook and Twitter are asking for this, actually. It really depends where people want it to be.

MCS: Any words you'd like to share to everyone who went?

Gem: Yes. Closeup would like to thank everyone who went to the event and participated in creating the most memorable event of the year. We hope some people got really close along the way!

So there you go!

Now watch out for more fresh ideas to get everyone closer during summer, only from Closeup Forever Summer.


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