Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Walk The Mall

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Kris Rocha

When a show begins with a sound clip of “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King”, you know things are about to get epic. And it’s a good thing that Walk the Moon did not disappoint. The four boys from Ohio went through 4 Ayala Malls performance with surging energy and an unfaltering level of dynamism. Which was matched with an equal amount of enthusiasm from the crowd. “We can’t believe we’re finally here!”, announced vocalist Nicholas Petricca. “And it’s an amazing feeling”, he adds.

Encouraging the audience to sing along, Petricca strutted onto the stage while brackets of neon lights pulsed to the beat. The band started with “Anna Sun”, and continued to play several songs from its new album, “Talking is Hard,” as well as select cuts from their previous release. The 80’s influences from songs like “Sidekick” and “Aquaman” were positively received by all in attendance, and so were songs with a dancier feel like “Different Colors”.  It soon became clear that both the performers and the audience were feeding off of each others’ excitement – and with its peak of course with the monster single, “Shut Up and Dance”.

Individually, the members of WTM had their singular charms onstage. Kevin Ray had his little Hawaiian dance moves that go well with his basswork, while guitarist Eli Maiman complemented well the antics of Nicholas. And of course, Sean Waugaman gave an solid work on the percussions. And collectively, Walk the Moon runs like one tight ship.

The Walk the Moon show at the Ayala Malls is definitely an uplifting experience – kind of like that scene from “Lion King” with the monkey priest smearing on paint on the baby lion’s face, but in this case it’s Walk the Moon smearing us with an in-your-face show. Whether you walked in to their gig in Trinoma or Glorietta, you just can’t help but smile watching them play and do what they love and they do a superb job of passing that feeling on to the crowd. As Petricca told the audience, “This feeling you have right now tonight, you can take that with you. Take it to your job, take it to school, take it home. Take it everywhere.” And from the smiles on the faces of the fans, it was plain to see they would do just that.

Special thanks to Ayala Malls & MMI Live! More photos below:

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