Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Are One: Exo Planet #2 - EXO’luXion in Manila

Written and Photos by: Ava Sharra Sumortin

January 23 and 24 will now be memorable dates for EXO-Ls in the Philippines. EXO’s Exo Planet #2 - EXO’luXion tour brought Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun (Lay was not able to join the rest of the members) back on our shores for their first major solo concert here in Manila.

During the two-day concert, the Mall of Asia arena was filled by the silver ocean. Fans have been anticipating this show for a long time, and the energy in the arena was palpable.

The group started the night with “Overdose,” “History,” and “El Dorado” – upbeat songs that matched the intensity of the crowd. Then, each member introduced themselves. They also captivated the crowd when they also used some Filipino expressions. Because Kai and Xiumin were injured, they were not able to show their skills in dancing. They could not dance along with the other members. Kai said (translated), “I know that you’ve been waiting for us for a long time.” Both members sincerely apologized because they wanted to give the fans an unforgettable concert. But I think that the group, nevertheless, made every EXO-L happy that night.

EXO is not only known for the members’ unbelievable dance moves, the group can also sing slow-tempo songs and powerful ballads. They then continued the show with “Don’t Go,” “Playboy,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” and “My Answer.” Baekhyun played the piano for “Baby Don’t Cry.”

For the next segment, they sang “The Star,” “Exodus,” and “Hurt.” The group’s playful side (aegyo galore!) was seen when they performed “Peter Pan,” “XOXO,” “Lucky,” and “3.6.5.” All throughout this set, they interacted with fans and ran around the huge stage.

We know just how much Filipinos love Christmas. How about having a Christmas party with EXO? Of course, Filipino EXO-Ls were elated. “Christmas Day,” “First Snow,” and “Miracles in December” were the songs that the group sang for their Christmas segment.

The group came back with powerful upbeat songs like “Full Moon” and “Machine.” The stage then changed, and platforms were raised; suddenly, there was a DJ booth for Chanyeol. The other members then danced to “Drop That,” “Let Out the Beast,” and “Run,” while Chanyeol became the DJ for the night.

Crowd-favorites “Call Me Baby,” “Growl,” and “Love Me Right” capped off the EXO’luXion in Manila set. While EXO was performing these songs, some EXO-Ls in the VIP B area also danced along with the group, and Xiumin noticed their energetic dance. Xiumin then asked the fans to dance again so that the other members could see them. The group sang the chorus of “Call Me Baby,” and the fans showed everyone in the arena just how good they were. Suho then said that they were “awesome,” and Baekhyun said that they danced better than EXO. The group even gave a name to the dancers: Phi-XO (Philippine EXO).

When the group came back for the encore, they performed “Sing for You” and “Unfair.” It was time to say good-bye, and each member thanked the EXO-Ls for the overwhelming love and support that they showed EXO – not just during the show, but also since the group debuted. The fans prepared banners that said, “We always want to stay with you. Don’t go!” Suho was able to get a banner and was really touched with the message of the fans. They all promised to come back in the Philippines for another (and hopefully, more!) concerts, and surely, EXO-Ls are always ready to welcome them back.

During the concert, every now and then, fans chanted, “We are one!” And that is exactly what everyone in the arena saw that night: EXO is one with the EXO-Ls.

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