Thursday, March 31, 2016

Concert Roundup: Wanderland 2016

Written by Kix Suarez
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

In a matter of 3 years, Karpos was able to make Wanderland Festival a yearly tradition of sorts. From Temper Trap, Kid Cudi to now, Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie. Wanderland has truly evolved to be the festival to look forward to year after year.

This year Karpos was able to get some of the most sought after, respected and well loved indie artists of this generation. The band line-up drew in a crowd of teens, college kids, yuppies and expats.

‘This reminds of my place in Australia, where when summer comes each week a festival happens a block from where I live and we just walk on over,’ an Australian expat 6 cups of beer in exclaimed. ‘ I love it!’

Obviously there was an excitement in the air. Summer was upon Manila and the beautiful girls of Manila took to wearing their most favorite shirts that cut so low. This year though seemed different with less flower crowns in the mix and more people wearing comfortable outfits. It’s finally not about being seen I think. It was really more of an anticipation for the bands that was to take the stage.

Early that afternoon, San Cisco and Panama kept everyone cool with their soothing synths and guitar licks. The boys of Panama (whose drummer is no stranger to the Wanderland stage) didn’t seem to mind the heat. They kicked up the energy levels that afternoon by playing a mix of old and new unreleased songs which was definitely a treat for fans and first timers. San Cisco, the Australian indie pop band, on the other hand kept it rather cute by playing some beachy anthems such as Golden Revolver, About you, Beach, Awkard, No Friends, Wash It All Away, Magic, Too Much Time Together, Bitter Winter, Run and their most popular hit, Fred Astaire.

Local music was wel represented as well, CRWN, Jess Connelly and Curtismith made sure that Manila’s flavor was kept in check by taking on the main stage. The previous year, they only took over the satellite stage which means that festival goers are becoming more open to discovering new music than just going to these festivals to be seen. Their following was strong and everyone in the crowd had their ears and eyes open to the multi sensorial performance they put on.

Later that evening, The Naked and Famous, Bon Iver and Death Cab For Cutie closed the night. The Naked an famous impressed by proving that you can’t judge a band by a recorded album. They were electrifying live. There was something magnetic, and riveting. Bone Iver on the other hand made everyone cry. He had the most commanding presence. When he asked everyone to sing along, they sand but when the song needed its quiet, the crowd was silent. Never in my life had I seen a crowd that many be so captivated by one person on stage. Death Cab For Cutie was the icing on the cake. Although only singing a handful from the albums that defined most of the demographics’ high school and college life, they didn’t let down by playing Title and Registration, I will Follow You In To The Dark and What Sarah Said.

I can’t imagine what next year’s festival will bring. All I now is that Wanderland has finally fully realized itself and it will continue to bring in not just festival goers but lovers of music.

Our photos from the recent Wanderland 2016. Special thanks to Karpos Multimedia.

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