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#MCSList: 10 Interesting Facts About the Araneta Coliseum

Welcome again to another #MCSList and this time, we'll talk about the mecca of Philippine sports & entertainment, the Araneta Coliseum. Located inside the Araneta Center in Quezon City. Thousands of PBA games and millions of fans attended shows at the big dome since its opening in March of 1960. So yeah, this is Kevin Pableo of Manila Concert Scene and here are the 10 interesting facts about the Big Dome

1 - Araneta Coliseum Cinema
Due to big cinema trend back in the 70s, the venue has been converted to a movie house when there are no scheduled events. It was named as the "Araneta Coliseum Cinema" and coined the world's largest cinema.

2 - The Dome's Swimming Pool

Yup indeed, there was a swimming pool back then inside of the complex. The pool was one of its amenities for their artists who were booked at the venue. It is located at South Gate area and it has a garden too. The pool and the garden was removed to give way for the Araneta Coliseum Parking Building.

3 - The Beatles at the Big Dome?
Actually, nope but the biggest rock band in the world, The Beatles was scheduled to perform at the Araneta Coliseum for their July 1966 Pacific Tour but the show was moved to Rizal Memorial Football Stadium in Manila to accommodate more fans...and the rest is history.

4 - 2 Biggest Music Stars of All Time Played Here
Ain't no other venue than the Big Dome as two from the top 5 list of biggest selling music stars of all time have already performed here in the past. First was Michael Jackson with his brothers in February of 1976 (The Jacksons: Love Jive Tour) and two - Elton John in December 2012 (The 40th Anniversary of the Rocketman Tour)

5 - Older than The Garden

Ok, we're talking about the latest Garden alright, we can compare our Big Dome to New York City's Madison Square Garden - The World's Most Famous Arena well because of its circular shaped exterior, easy accessible venue, located at the heart of a very busy business district and also it has a lot of historic moments from both venues. The present Madison Square Garden opened its doors on February 1968, that's 8 years after our Araneta Coliseum was inaugurated! Again, we're talking about the current Garden because MSG were moved to many locations around NYC for the last 100 years.

Another fun fact: The Ali vs Frazier boxing matches were held first in 1971 and second in 1974 at the Garden. Lastly, here in Manila - yup at the Big Dome in 1975(Thrilla in Manila)

5 - Boxing Mania

The Big Dome also been the mecca of boxing events in Asia. As we said earlier, the venue opened with a heavyweight match between Gomes v. Elorde and plus the biggest fight of the century, Thrilla in Manila: Ali v. Frazier 3. There are numerous boxing matches held here during the 60s, in fact, there's more boxing events than foreign concerts during that decade. Gerry PeƱalosa once headlined many fights at the dome. Manny Pacquiao's first Araneta Coliseum fight was against Gabriel Mira in 1999 and Pacman's 1st Big Dome main event fight held in July 2006 against Oscar Larios.

6 - The Home of the Queens

Home of the Binibining Pilipinas, the country's national beauty pageant. The very first Bb. Pilipinas held here in July 1964 and became an annual tradition of the venue. Maria Myrna Panlilio crowned the first Bb. Pilipinas - Universe. The Araneta Coliseum hosted and crowned many beauty queens more than any venues in the Philippines.

7 - "Colosseo of Papal Audiences"

In February 1981, then-pope John Paul II made his return to the Philippines and held a one day mass for professional/business people at the Araneta Coliseum. So now technically, he's also the first saint who visited the venue.

8 - Hoops at the Dome
We love basketball, we're in a basketball country and of course, the dome been hosted many greatest basketball games from our local league, PBA as well as collegiate basketball leagues UAAP and NCAA. The US NCAA's Cincinnati Bearcats came to the Philippines in February 1961 and defeated MBA team Yutivo Opel in an exhibition game. Philippine Basketball Association's first league game was held at the Big Dome in April 1975 and it features Mariwasa-Noritake vs Concepcion Carrier. The big dome also hosted the 1978 FIBA World Championship Tournament. NBA's Washington Bullets held an exhibition game with PBA superstars in 1979. Many notable NBA players visited the arena including Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Shaquille O'Neal, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Yao Ming, Tim Hardaway, Dominique Wilkins, Chris Paul, Derek Fisher, Dennis Rodman and many more. Harlem Globetrotters staged many exhibition games at the venue as well.

9 - Cancelled/Planned Shows

There are famous acts who was supposed to perform at the venue. It was cancelled  due to personal reasons, low ticket sales, production problems, conflict on commitments or just a rumored/planned shows. Most notable was Oasis' in Manila show in October 2002. Due to Bali bombing tragedy, Oasis removed their Southeast Asia show of that year. Andrea Corr of The Corrs also cancelled her Manila show in October 2011. Other notable music artists who was scheduled to perform at the venue but got cancelled are Connie Francis in 1965, Black Sabbath in December 1995, Shaggy in November 2001, Goo Goo Dolls in October 2002, Darren Hayes of Savage Garden in November 2002, Enrique Iglesias in April 2004, Tom Jones in March 2010 & April 2016, Bryan Adams in February 2012 and a lot more.

10 - Big Acts at the Big Dome

Over 56 years, Araneta Coliseum hosted many memorable and historic shows. The very first foreign act to headlined the venue was Neil Sedaka in May 1960 with The Shepherd Sisters, Les Spencers and The Hilltoppers. Nat King Cole also played at the venue in May 1961 and fast-forward to 2009, her daughter Natalie Cole came to the venue. The Everly Brothers became the first foreign rock group to perform here in September 1961 while Super Junior also did a one night show in April 2010 & February 2011, first KPOP group played at the dome and revolutionized the KPOP scene in the Philippines. In dance music scene, Tiesto brought his Club Life Tour in October 2013.

Now, as a special treat, we give you more 56 world class acts who visited the venue you might didn't know:
1) The Jackson Five - February 1976
2) Elton John - December 2012
3) Olivia Newton John - March 2012

4) Kylie Minogue - July 2011
5) Matt Monro - April 1965, January 1966, September 1969, 1983,
5) Dave Clark Five - April 1965
7) Donna Summer - 1977
8) Robin Gibb of Bee Gees - November 2006
9) Tina Turner - February 1971
10) Kool and the Gang - 1983
11) Gloria Estefan - November 1991
12) Foo Fighters - January 1996
13) The Corrs - September 2001
14) Westlife - May 2001, September 2006, September 2011
15) Backstreet Boys - January 2006, February 2010
16) Eric Clapton - November 1979
17) Santana - May 1996
18) Toto - April 2008
19) Scorpions - August 2001
20) Mandy Moore - November 2003
21) Ronan Keating - February 2003

22) Alicia Keys - October 2004
23) Ashanti - May 2005
24) Black Eyed Peas - July 2006
25) Rod Stewart - August 1995
26) The Killers - September 2013
27) Pet Shop Boys - August 2013
28) Fall Out Boy - August 2013
29) All Time Low - September 2011
30) Taylor Swift - February 2011

31) Lady Gaga - August 2009
32) Andrea Bocelli - April 2004
33) Panic! at the Disco - August 2008
34) Avril Lavigne - September 2008, February 2012, February 2014
35) Slash - May 2013
36) Duran Duran - February 1989, April 2008
37) Nine Inch Nails - August 2009
39) Tears for Fears - May 2010, August 2012
40) The Smashing Pumpkins - August 2012
41) Maroon 5 - March 2008, September 2012
42) Ne-Yo - February 2008
43) John Legend - March 2009, September 2014
44) Sting - December 2012
45) Bon Jovi - April 1995
46) Kelly Clarkson - May 2010
47) Jason Mraz - October 2011, May 2013, November 2014
48) Bruno Mars - April 2011
49) The Script - April 2011, March 2013
50) Incubus - March 2009, July 2011
51) Snow Patrol - August 2012
52) The Fray - November 2012
53) OneRepublic - November 2012
54) Evanescence - February 2012
55) Cyndi Lauper - March 2012

And that's our MASSIVE list! This is Kevin Pableo and thanks for reading our #MCSList. If you have questions and suggestions, tweet us at @Manilaconcerts. Follow us on Facebook: /manilaconcerts. Also you can follow my personal Twitter at @kevin_pableo. Til next time!

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