Saturday, July 8, 2017


MilesExperience may yet be another story of an indie-band-turned-mainstream- success in the local music industry.

The group -- composed of Miles Bondoc on vocals and guitar; Justin Teano on guitar; Ian Diaz  on bass; Guido Hizon on keyboard and Timothy Odulio on drums – is poised to conquer new territories with the release of its brand new single “Sunshine” under MCA Music. What’s even better is that MilesExperience brings with it a package of immense talent and dedication to the craft honed from years of indie music passion.

“Sunshine” conveniently symbolizes a process of “rebirth’ of sorts for the band. The members describe the sound of it as “festive, like a peaceful morning. Something that could probably signal our exit from sadder lyrics.” Revealing that the inspiration behind the song is “a surprisingly good morning after a stressful night,” the band confesses that it is now “looking at the brighter side of things even through the heat.”

“Sunshine” is going to be a part of an upcoming album to be released under the same major label. MCA Music Management has also signed up MilesExperience under its roster of artists including Gabby Alipe, Somedaydream, Jason Dy and Darren Espanto to name a few.

Miles has this to say about the major change in the band, “There are some changes and we're still trying to jive with the system but all in all, it's a wild ride. We'd like to thank MCA for putting their trust in our band. Our team just got bigger with the management's leadership.”

MilesExperience started out as a band from UST formed by friends who share the same passion for music. They previously released songs “Love Supreme” and “Silakbo” which became big hits in the indie scene, as well as “Anggulo” which was also used as the theme song for a European series from a major local TV network. Their new single “SUNSHINE” proves it’s potential as the single launch was supported by radio station - Jam 88.3, Mellow 94.7, PinasFM 95.5, Play FM 99.5 and Monster RX 93.1

“Sunshine” is available for download or streaming on this link: or you can stream the track on the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify.

For bookings and inquiries, contact MCA Music Artist Management at +639989741162 or email For more updates and information on MilesExperience, log on to the following pages: Facebook- MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines), Instagram- mca_music, Twitter- @mcamusic.

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